Sunday, September 13, 2015

A holes vs Trolls. or The Birth Of A-Hole On The Internet

I've come to realize in the past few days that there's a difference between trolls and a-holes. Trolls just say things to get attention. A-Holes make things personal. Like my interaction with New England Patriot fans recently.

And if it ended there, I would actually be okay. Unfortunately I had another interaction with someone else. This is on a whole other spectrum.

Before I post it, I want to say that my response isn't the best. I'm clearly pissed off. Perhaps I stooped to his level. I might even have crossed a line. And quite frankly I don't care. I'm tired of being the Nice Guy On The Internet. If some people don't care, I won't care either.

So let me introduce you to the new graphic for A-Holes On The Internet.

While on Facebook last night, I saw an article wear Batman V. Superman director Zack Snyder critcized Marvel for having Flavor Of The Month comic book movies, directed at the character Ant-Man. I have not seen Ant-Man so I wasn't defending the movie. I was simply pointing out a fact. Below you will see my original comment attacking me personally (once again) for no reason as well as my responses.

Sure there's freedom of speech at work here, except for the biggest problem in Rohan's comment. I'm straight! Not to mention I didn't insult Aqua-Man. Did I? Is he not usually the butt of super hero jokes? Just stating the obvious.

Like I said, perhaps the terrorist comments were uncalled for. But quite frankly he deserves it. There is no room in this world for gay bashing. I support equal rights for gay and straight and I don't believe that calling someone that word is ever appropriate. But then again, I don't go picking fights on the internet either.

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