Sunday, September 13, 2015

A holes vs Trolls. or The Birth Of A-Hole On The Internet

I've come to realize in the past few days that there's a difference between trolls and a-holes. Trolls just say things to get attention. A-Holes make things personal. Like my interaction with New England Patriot fans recently.

And if it ended there, I would actually be okay. Unfortunately I had another interaction with someone else. This is on a whole other spectrum.

Before I post it, I want to say that my response isn't the best. I'm clearly pissed off. Perhaps I stooped to his level. I might even have crossed a line. And quite frankly I don't care. I'm tired of being the Nice Guy On The Internet. If some people don't care, I won't care either.

So let me introduce you to the new graphic for A-Holes On The Internet.

While on Facebook last night, I saw an article wear Batman V. Superman director Zack Snyder critcized Marvel for having Flavor Of The Month comic book movies, directed at the character Ant-Man. I have not seen Ant-Man so I wasn't defending the movie. I was simply pointing out a fact. Below you will see my original comment attacking me personally (once again) for no reason as well as my responses.

Sure there's freedom of speech at work here, except for the biggest problem in Rohan's comment. I'm straight! Not to mention I didn't insult Aqua-Man. Did I? Is he not usually the butt of super hero jokes? Just stating the obvious.

Like I said, perhaps the terrorist comments were uncalled for. But quite frankly he deserves it. There is no room in this world for gay bashing. I support equal rights for gay and straight and I don't believe that calling someone that word is ever appropriate. But then again, I don't go picking fights on the internet either.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Here's why I hate New England fans

In an article Bleacher Report posted about the headsets issues the Steelers had last night in New England, another idiot went and made a comment about Ben Roethlisberger. As a Steeler fan, I do not condone what happened. He supposedly sexually assaulted a woman that ultimately didn't press charges. That says one of two things to me. He did it and they settled out of court. Or Two he didn't do it and she was just looking for a free hand out. We will never know if it's true or not.

But... some people just assume the worst in people, so back to my original point. (You will have to excuse me because right now I am beyond livid. You will see why soon). This conversation is edited as I took out the comments that are not important to the story.

So here I, Jeff Trelewicz, am using the law as my argument. Ben WAS not tried. Was not convicted. Any team that had Aaron Hernandez on their team when he murdered Odin Lloyd should not be damning a man. Plus Hernandez was involved in two other murders "ALLEGEDLY "*wink wink nudge nudge*.

Because Ben was never tried, never convicted he got a contract extension because he deserved it. I guess some people don't deserve second chances in the eyes of Rob Kinville. Because that man is A SAINT.

And this would be all well and good if this where the argument ends. It is not. I give you this wonderful human being:

That's right. For me simply stating facts, Airik Smalls made this comment. So feel free to find this guy online and tell him what an ass he is if you see him. And Michael Balch, evidence? Or was that evidence erased on Tom Brady's cellphone when he destroyed it.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Tom Brady Issue

My other pages all have logos that I have designed, so I guess I should make one for this. On a future blog I will but instead I'm going to jump right in.

By now you have all heard that Tom Brady's four game suspension has been removed by a court of law. This blog is not about Tom Brady (though I will write one soon). This blog IS about the fans that support him and his team. Most of my future blog posts are going to be about assorted issues. Not this one.

Now I understand standing behind your team through thick and thin. But some of the comments that I have seen in the past few hours are beyond ridiculous.

For example, there's this one:

I have seen posts like this a few times in scouring different sites. I personally am trying to wrap my head around it. I even commented to one of them to explain it a little further. But I have yet to get an answer. Nothing to me says this is a story about the color of one's skin or the amount of money in his bank account. It probably has more to do with there wasn't enough (or any, depending on your view point) evidence to say he was directly involved.

And then there's this wonderful comment:

We have all seen hashtags like this lately. #BlacklivesMatter #WhiteLivesMatter #CopsLivesMatter. It's been used socially to protest the senseless murders that have occurred in the last year. For someone to turn it around like this is just plain dumb. Brady's life was never in question. People are dying. Balls have been deflated. Apparently to Correll Jenkins they are the same damn thing.

But here's someone who doesn't think anyone's lives matter:

Dear Tutu Udeh. It's just a game! I hope you know that. Again, I understand loyalty to your team but to tell haters to kill themselves just proves what a classy fan you are. And to further his point he had not one, not two but three gun emojis. Did you perhaps borrow those guns from former New England Tight End Aaron Hernandez? Stay classy!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

So I've got free time on my hands

Welcome to the first edition of Trollin' The Trolls. This is where I will post different links and different opposing views I find that people have said online. I plan on covering a vast majority of topics from movies, music, sports, Television, wrestling and even politics since we are heading towards the next Presidential election.

We will get started today with I just found online this evening. As most of you know, horror icon Wes Craven died today. For more on that, go check out The Entertainment Guru page. While on IMDB this evening, I found this thread:
This is supposed to be funny because Jack Nicholson had warned Heath Ledger about taking the role of the Joker for The Dark Knight and we know how that turned out. Instead, this guy thought it would be funny to blame MTV for the death of Wes Craven. You know Notlivinoclife, I truly hope that you get a visitor in your nightmares tonight. Maybe it's Freddy Kruger. Maybe it's just Wes Craven saying "Hey, asshole. I died of brain cancer, not due to a network picking up my show."

Today was the MTV Video Music Awards. And I didn't watch them. Because unless Aerosmith or Queen was up for something (which I really don't think they were) I wouldn't know 83.67 % of the music that would be up. But apparently Justin Bieber cried on stage. Entertainment Weekly did a story about it. I think that you can guess the wide variety of comments. A few people stuck up for him. My guess, Beliebers. Yes they are still Beliebers out there believe it or not. These were my two favorite comments and they just so happened to be back to back:
Justin Bieber is a man. Just look at him. He's half naked in almost everything he does. If he was a woman, he wouldn't be allowed to be seen without a shirt on as much. It is quite possibly that Stephanie goes to the Donald Trump School Of Insults "Bieber has blood coming out where ever. And by that I mean his eyes". I highly doubt it. But my favorite is Ryan Fleckner. In a story about Bieber, he says. Who cares! Lets Go Mets. Not sure where the correlation between Bieber crying and A Mets fan is. I mean I know the Mets lost two out of three to the Red Sox this weekend and that probably saddened a lot of Mets fans. That's the only thing I could think of. What about you?

This one isn't so much a troll as it someone who is just a fan of a show and he's not afraid to tell you. has a list of movies that are leaving Netflix in the next few weeks. One of those is a movie called Titanic. Now granted I personally have never seen it (I have my reasons!), but it was the most successful movie of all time at one point. But clearly William Zev doesn't see it that way.
And somehow six people agree with him. It takes different strokes to move the world. I know people who swear that Breaking Bad is the greatest thing ever. Good for them. It's not my cup of tea. But I wouldn't want Zev to find out that I disagree or else he will get pissed!

I'm going to leave you with part one of a conversation I had several months ago with someone online. No it's not a naughty conversation! Get your mind out of the gutter. I say part one because this went on for a while on the topic of gay marriage. I am for gay marriage. I don't think any person should tell another person how to live their lives. Gay people have as much right to get married and be happy. Or get married and be miserable. But to some close minded people they don't. "The church doesn't condone gay marriage". Quick question for you. When all those priests were "allegedly" touching young alter children, was it little girls or was it little boys? Oh... got it. Marriage between two men is bad, but sticking your hand down a little kids pants... that's more acceptable? Got it! Saying two men getting married is the same as saying a man can marry his dog if he wants to shows just how asinine some people can be!
Have a good one everybody!